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  • Private pool - Corciano - Umbria

    Customer: Private

    Type of intervention: infinity pool 5x15
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  • Panoramic terrace - Marsciano - Umbria

    Customer: Private

    Type of intervention: creation of a terrace suspended, completion of an area equipped with Italian-style garden.
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  • English garden - Anghiari - Toscana

    Customer: Private

    Type of intervention: Creating a garden with a fountain, stone driveway access, creating a picnic area.
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  • Design of civil and industrial buildings, traditional or prefabricated
  • Hydraulic design of complex systems of network infrastructures and sewage treatment plants
  • Final design of reinforced concrete structures, steel, wood, masonry
  • Designing Fire Protection (Law 818/84 and subsequent amendments)
  • Editors P.S.C. - P.O.S. - D.V.R for companies
  • Drafting Law 10 Certificates and Energy Performance
  • Works management - Accounting
  • Topographical surveys


  • Renovation of buildings of particular historical and architectural value
  • Safety Coordination during design and execution (Legislative Decree no. 494/96 and subsequent amendments.)