Edilprogetti, with years of experience and capacity continues to grow along with its young and dynamic team, and 'able to offer the most' extensive technical services and a proven professional support to our customers. Our staff is supported by the latest generation design software and computing equipment.

Edilprogetti deals with the cooperation and development of practical and necessary permissions with delegation of the buyer.

Design and Analysis
  • Inspection
  • Photographic documentation
  • Analysis of the urban context
  • Feasibility Study
  • Drafting of a metric calculation
  • Preliminar design
  • Inspection
  • Photographic documentation
  • Analysis intervention
  • Working relation with the Superintendent and Municipality
  • Evaluation of the landscape impact
executive planning
  • Architectural Project
  • Structural Project
  • Plant layout and design
  • Preparation P.S.C. - P.O.S. - D.V.R for businesses
  • Energy classification
  • Cadastral services
  • AgibilitÓ
construction management
  • Construction management in architectural design
  • Construction management in structural design
  • Coordination during design and execution
  • Accounting
  • Site manager


  • Design of civil and industrial buildings, traditional or prefab
  • Hydraulic design of complex systems of network infrastructures and sewage treatment plants
  • Final design of reinforced concrete structures, steel, wood, masonry
  • Fire Protection (Law 818/84 and subsequent amendments)
  • Preparing P.S.C. - P.O.S. - D.V.R for companies
  • Drafting Law 10 Certificates and Energy Performance
  • Works management - Accounting
  • Topographical surveys


  • Renovation of buildings of particular historical and architectural value
  • Safety Coordination during design and execution (Legislative Decree no. 494/96 and subsequent amendments.)